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Recently, I completed my training as a Medical Qigong Therapist with Master Robert Youngs.  I completed the program by attending a combination of intensive courses and regular weekly courses so I am able to comment on both style of classes offered by Master Youngs.  To put it simply, the learning experience in both types of classes were of very high quality.  The material taught in the course often exceeded what is covered in the textbook both in scope and in depth.  In my opinion, I got very good value in education for the tuition that I paid, which I found very reasonable compared to other professional level training courses that are available.

 Master Youngs’ style of teaching emphasizes clinical experience, which was very appreciated by all the students because we were very well prepared for educating clients about qigong and answering their questions in a clinical context.  We got to see the results of our qigong treatments by working with different clients in the classroom clinic.  My correspondence with other medial qigong practitioners revealed that Master Youngs is very well respected by other medical qigong practitioners in North America for his deep qigong knowledge and commitment to teaching. 

 At first the thought of having to drive from downtown Toronto to Pickering during rush-hour once a week to complete this program is enough to dissuade anyone.  However it only took one class to change my mind as I found myself waiting impatiently for class each week.  In retrospect, I feel privileged to have studied with Master Youngs because in addition to his expertise and clinical experiences with medical qigong, he also has extensive professional and teaching experience in its allied arts such as acupuncture, meditation, internal martial arts and massage therapy.  It is evident that he has a very deep understanding of energetic healing modalities from Eastern and Western traditions, but more importantly by drawing on his experiences, he is able to illustrate their similarities to students in class to enrich their learning experience.  I found Master Youngs’ diverse background contributed immensely in giving me a deeper understanding of qigong and confidence as a therapist.  I am convinced that there is simply no way that I could have received the same level of medical qigong knowledge from anyone else in Canada.  I give him my highest possible recommendation as a therapist and as an instructor in medical qigong.  Although my training with him has come to an end, I look forward with great anticipation to attending post-graduate level training seminars with Master Youngs in the future.

P. C. Chiang, PhD, MQT.
Space-Time Feng Shui Services

“Please accept this note as a thank you.  I benefited from your sessions in a number of ways.  Most importantly, for me, I found you to be compassionate and grounded in the moment.  You were there for me and, as a result, the work was deep and profound.  Thank you again.”


I’ve known Bob Youngs for six years, both as a student at his T’ai Chi and Meditation Center, Pickering, and as his patient, where I receive regular acupuncture and Qi Gong treatments. Bob is an extremely skilled practitioner in both the Chinese martial and healing arts. His knowledge of these subjects is extensive and his manner is courteous and professional. He has a systematic approach to teaching and healing, and is well organized and energetic.

His programs and treatments have cured or alleviated many of my chronic health problems. These include asthma, carpel-tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and persistent neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Increasing his already considerable skills repertoire and credentials through a RMT program will be a further benefit to anyone who seeks good quality and accessible health care.

Michael F. Caterini, P.Eng

I am a 58 year old litigation lawyer. It is a high stress vocation and about fifteen years ago I began to have very serious stress-related health problems. My doctor “prescribed” tai chi and that led fairly quickly to qigong. The results have been astonishingly positive. I am, quite simply, healthy. I still get sick sometimes but I recover more quickly than expected. The stress is still in the job but it is dispensed with through the qigong practices. I am so very grateful to the people at the Institute for helping me over a long period of time to achieve the ability to maintain my health.

Peter Lewarne

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