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Medical Qigong Certification Programs

Medical Qigong (Chi Kung) Therapy is a form of Chinese Energetic Medicine, and is one of the four foundational schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi in this context is translated to mean “Life Force Energy” and Gong is translated to mean “Acquired Skill.”

Medical Qigong therapy and prescriptions combine the use of breathwork with individual physical movements, creative visualization, and perceptual intention. The primary goal is to purge toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, eliminate energetic stagnation’s, as well as strengthen and balance the internal organs and energetic fields.

About the Course

Our institute uses the same course material as that offered by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson Ph.D., DTCM. DMQ. (China) in his textbook Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, A Comprehensive Clinical Text.

This course will concentrate on building a comprehensive foundation for Energetic Medicine with a focus on Medical Qigong Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is a multi-level certification course designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong Therapy to health care professionals as well as lay people.

The textbook, entitled, “Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text” is used extensively to set the criterion for the certification of the Medical Qigong Therapist (M.Q.T.), Master Instructor/Professor of Medical Qigong (M.M.Q.) and Doctor of Medical Qigong (D.M.Q.). The contents of the Medical Qigong Textbook include the same level of knowledge as established by the Hai Dian University Medical Qigong College in Beijing, China. Each Medical Qigong College in China offers the same combination of classes, labs, and syllabus.

Emphasis will be placed on both the analytical/deductive and the intuitive approaches to comprehending and utilizing Medical Qigong Therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. The experiential aspect of the course is well balanced with a solid theoretical foundation.

We offer the following Certification Courses:

Medical Qigong Practitioner (M.Q.P.) – Click here for more information
200 Hour Certification Course

Medical Qigong Therapist (M.Q.T.) – Click here for more information
500 Hour Certification Course

Master of Medical Qigong (M.M.Q.) – Click here for more information
1000 Hour Certification Course

Medical Qigong Program Hours – Click here for more information

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