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Medical Qigong Treatments Are Available!

The purpose of treatment with Qigong is to release and purge strong toxic-energy flows that are literally trapped in the body's tissues.  When we hold back our feelings we block our natural Qi flow, which creates stagnant pools of toxic energy within our body. For the healing process to work there can be no separation between body, mind, emotion and spirit. All must be in balance to maintain a healthy body. Medical Qigong exercises and techniques are prescribed like medicine, with the type and dosage tailored to the patient's specific needs. In Medical Qigong procedures the Doctor trains the patient to focus attention equally on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions. Specific concentration is focused on breathing, hearing, visualization, concentration, muscle relaxation, light massage, and movement to develop and control the body's intrinsic energy.


The effectiveness of Medical Qigong therapy is in its ability to strengthen and reinforce the body's immune system and essential Qi, as well as regulate the body's yin and yang energy, adjust the visceral activities, clear the channels and collateral's and activate the body's Qi and Blood.


Qigong has positive, clinically recognised effects on 

      Electrical activity of the brain.

      (EEG and Magnetometer measurement)

      Blood Flow.

      (Thermography, sphygmography,

      rheoencephalography studies)

      Heart Functions.

      (Blood pressure, ECG and UCG observations)

      Kidney processes.

      (Urinary Albumin Assay)

      Biophysical states.

      (Enzyme activity, Immune function, sex hormone



      (Restoration from long and short sight)


      (Bone density, grams/cubic centimetre)

      Lung functions.

      (Reduction in Asthmatic and Bronchial conditions,

      improved immunity)

      Pain reduction.

      (Sciatica Neuralgia, Low back pain, Arthritis,

      Muscular Stiffness)


Over 100 million people practice Qigong daily in China


Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

Chinese Medical principles state that the body is a matrix of energy channels that connect together major vortex like centres of Qi.


Qigong can help improve Bone strength and slow aging

Qigong treatments combined with home based exercises can help people strengthen their bones as well as energise other parts of the body affected by aging.


Cancer Treatment


Specific Medical Qigong Treatments are used to complement the traditional methods of cancer treatments such as breast and uterine cancers.

Patients are taught effective exercises to assist with the management of oncology cases to help reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.


For information on receiving Medical Qigong treatment:

Call Robert Youngs at (905) 509-3796


E-mail us at:


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