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About us!

Our programs offer benefit to the general public as well as Energetic Healers, Acupuncturists, Allopathic Doctors, Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Physical Therapists, and potential Qigong students.  


Executive Director of the

International Institute of

Medical Qigong Canada

 Robert Youngs RTCMP, MMQ



  • Robert has presented numerous courses in Medical Qigong, Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Meditation practices, and Spiritual development methods at various organizations, including The University of Toronto, Ryerson University, The Institute for Traditional Medicine, and The Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Robertís passion is hands-on healing. He is a seasoned Qigong, Meditation and Martial Arts trainer who successfully combines Western registered massage therapy with Oriental energetic therapies. Over the years, he has enjoyed working with other medical professionals to provide an integrative approach to physical, psychological, and spiritual health and healing.


He has earned diplomas from the following educational institutes.

  • Diploma in Massage Therapy, Canadian  College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.
  • Doctor of TCM Diploma, Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Diploma in Acupuncture Therapy, Academy of Acupuncture Inc.
  • Master of Medical Qigong, International Institute of Medical Qigong & Hunan   University of TCM.

Robert Has studied with many internationally noted Daoist Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation Teachers, including Jerry Alan Johnson and Jeffrey Yuen.



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